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Lentsweletau is a village in Kweneng District of Botswana. It is located 60 km north of Gaborone. The population was 4,025 in 2001 census.[1] A large percentage of the population is from the Bakwena tribe, and its capital is called Molepolole, also in the Kweneng District. The name Lentsweletau translates as a Lentswe = Rock (or rocky hill) , le = and , tau = lion.


Lentsweletau was put on the map in the 70s by a very popular musician named Cobra Kenalemang, who inspired another Lentsweletauan, Kotaeshwele, who came to picture with his hit "Kotaeshwele o dira mathaithai" in the mid 80s. It is up again with the popular Toyota Desert Race as a stopover for vehicles filling up petrol and anyone wanting to spend a night in the area and having fun.

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